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The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is boosting security in the community of Tredegar Park and its environs in St. Catherine, with the establishment of a mobile police post and increased patrols.
The move comes in the wake of appeals from residents for a permanent police presence in the area, following last week’s attack on citizens by gunmen, claiming the lives of eight persons.
National Security Minister, Senator Dwight Nelson, speaking to journalists after a tour of the community on August 18, said “it is going to take a little more input to establish that kind of station” for which residents have been appealing.
He said, however, that given the “urgency of the need, and the concerns of the citizens,” Deputy Police Commissioner in charge of Operations, Glenmore Hinds, in consultation with the JCF ground commanders in the North St. Catherine Division, has set up the mobile facility, which “will serve all the flashpoint areas.”
“At least, there will be an established police presence in the area, which is very, very important, and they, of course, will have linkages to the Spanish Town police station, which will provide support,” he noted.
The National Security Minister said he was particularly concerned about the children who are afraid to go outside and play, because they were traumatised.
“This kind of effect on children is something that, as a Government, we can’t stand by and allow to continue, because it will destroy (their) childhood. So, this post, we hope, will give some assurance to the minds of the citizens.that the police is very close by, the police is around you, the police is among you, and the police, in the post,.will be ready to respond as quickly as possible, if anything arises,” he said.
The Security Minister also issued a strong warning to the perpetrators of the heinous incident.
“I’m hoping that the knowledge of the existence of the mobile police post in the area will let those who are committing the crimes, those who are committing the murders, know that the people are not without immediate protection,” Senator Nelson stated.
Deputy Commissioner Hinds, who was part of the touring party, also reassured the citizens of a “robust law enforcement presence”, with sustained patrols supporting the mobile police post.
“The mobile post provides a point where citizens can make reports, but, by no stretch of the imagination can that suffice. What you really want is regular, continuous police presence that can respond anywhere, everywhere and anytime.that is our commitment to you. We understand what you are going through and what we want is your support to help us to help you,” DCP Hinds said.

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