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Senior Advisor in the Ministry of Education (MOE), Dr. Rebecca Tortello, is calling on parents to host Family Play Days in their homes, or other suitable locations, since “families that play together, stay together”.
“We are looking to foster play both at home and in school, and we know that research has shown that we have a challenge in effectively communicating with children of all ages and sometimes in communicating with each other. We are trying to raise greater awareness in Parent Month and beyond, to communicate more calmly and successfully with our children so they may become better communicators, and play is one way in which communication can be established, because when you play you work together, learn from each other, build teamwork and resilience”, Dr. Tortello disclosed during an interview with JIS News Tuesday (November 9).
She also pointed out that the games selected do not have to be expensive, and include board, ring and card games, dominoes, hide and seek, hopscotch, tag and football.
Dr. Tortello explained that it is her intention for Family Play Day to become a regular feature for families, islandwide.
“I want to encourage families to take some time out this month to try it [Family Play Day], if they are not already doing it. Some families may do this already on a routine basis, and what we hope is to have more families experience the joy of playing any game they want and see how it goes. If it is fun, as we hope it will be, then make it a regular part of their family activities,” she informed.
Family Play Day forms part of Parent Month activities islandwide. The month is being celebrated under the theme, “Parent the Right Way, Read, Talk, Play with your Child Every Day”.

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