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KINGSTON — Jamaicans are being encouraged to show they care, by supporting projects in their communities that will benefit children, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable, on Labour Day, Monday, May 23.

This Labour Day, which is being observed under the theme, “It takes a village to raise a child,” focuses on the care and protection of children.

Fourteen parish projects, one in each parish, will receive national attention and financial support from Government. They are being organised through partnership involving the National Labour Day Secretariat under the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, municipal authorities, government agencies, the private sector and community- based organisations.

Speaking at a JIS Think Tank session on Thursday, May 19, Principal Director of Culture and Entertainment at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, Sydney Bartley, said that the observance of Labour Day is an opportunity for Jamaicans to come together and share with each other.

“It is an opportunity to give of ourselves…So come out on Labour Day and do something for somebody, even one person. You never know what the impact will be, when you have transformed the life of one person,” he added.

Mr. Bartley said that work on some of the national projects will begin before Labour Day, depending on the scope of work required. He pointed out that national projects that are not completed on Labour Day, will be monitored by the planning committee to ensure successful completion afterwards.

Regarding the community Labour Day projects, he advised team leaders to assess the work that will be undertaken.

“If it will take longer than Labour Day, start it before, or make plans to continue it after,” he said.

He also advised that someone, or a group, should be identified to monitor or maintain the project after its completion.

“One of the challenges in this country is maintenance: You get something built and two years later it is looking worse that it did two years before, so we have to try to develop in our people a maintenance culture,” he stated.


By E. HARTMAN RECKORD, JIS Information Officer

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