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In light of the threat posed by Hurricane Dean, the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands is advising all animal owners to exercise extreme caution to safeguard human life and livestock.
Acting Director of the Veterinary Services Division, Dr. Osbil Watson told JIS News that all owners of livestock are urged to remove these animals to a safe area on their property. This area should be away from trees, power lines or any other objects, which might be downed by the wind. Avoid areas which are prone to flooding, he warned.
He said that animals must be kept away from rivers, fords and other water channels, as they could be washed away by the force of moving water. He added that adequate feed and water should be stored. “Do not attempt to rescue animals that are being washed away as this may endanger human life.
Remember, the priority is to safeguard human life,” Dr. Watson emphasized.
Where adequate and safe housing is provided for animals, they should be moved into these facilities immediately, Dr. Watson advised.
Poultry farmers are asked to take extra precaution, due to the delicate nature of poultry. “Locate the safest areas on farms to house poultry and keep them dry as far as is possible. Arrange curtains so as to keep off the direct force of wind. Evacuate poultry houses, which are prone to flooding,” he advised.
“Horses and donkeys should be kept in stables where these are available. Avoid tethering animals as, during thunder storms and heavy winds they may panic, get entangled and may hang themselves,” Dr. Watson said.
He pointed out that pet animals could be kept inside where possible or placed in adequate housing facilities where these are available. Small portable kennels are not to be kept outside, as these could be blown away.

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