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The Ministry of Health and Environment and its relevant agencies will be vigorously enforcing planning and environmental laws and regulations in the interest of the present and future generations. This was emphasized by Director of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations at the Western Regional Health Authority, Arthur Warren, at the Rose Hall Developers’ Conference, held recently at the Ritz Carlton Golf and Spa Resort in Montego Bay.
“As developers, you have an obligation to ensure that development does not compromise the environment,” Mr. Warren told the conference. Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Health and Environment, Rudyard Spencer, he stressed that environmental impact assessments for large scale projects must be completed in the proper manner with all the relevant information that is required by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA).
“Market yourselves as green, environmentally conscious developers. Make your buildings disaster resistant, focus on using renewable energy, proper waste disposal and water conservation systems and drainage plan,” Mr. Warren urged the developers.
He informed that NEPA was in the process of implementing an approved application processing system that was more customer-focused and service oriented.
“This system, which will come on stream at the end of March 2008, is expected to result in more efficient application process with the vast majority of applications being processed within 60 days. Under this system, there will be on-line access to clients and a joined-up system with Parish Councils and other agencies,” he said. Mr. Warren noted that the current Development Order for the parish of St. James was 25 years old and that a new Development Order for the parish would commence next year.
“I know that this order will help you to pursue your developments in an integrated and orderly fashion. We are aware of the developments that are planned for the Rose Hall corridor and other areas of the Parish of St. James. There are critical development issues facing this parish and this corridor, including proper sewage treatment facilities. These must be taken into consideration in planning any development,” he said.
Mr. Warren said the conference was timely and appropriate as it was an opportunity to engage stakeholders in a mutually beneficial partnership that demonstrated respect for the preservation and protection of the environment.
“It is an opportunity to work together for the achievement of human security and sustainable livelihoods for the Jamaican people,” he said.

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