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The Ministry of Health says it will be conducting simulation exercises at health facilities, including the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) and the Victoria Jubilee Hospital (VJH) on Wednesday ( September 16) and Thursday (September 17).
There will be over 150 participants from across all Ministries and agencies, as well as volunteers. According to Director of Emergency Disaster Management and Special Services, Dr. Marion Bullock DuCasse, “the simulation exercise will play a significant role in preparing the health sector to respond to emergencies and disasters of all nature.”
The exercise will test the capabilities of the various areas of healthcare management and provide the emergency services, first responders and emergency management teams with an opportunity to practice critical prevention, protection, response and recovery functions.
The Ministry of Health is also urging the cooperation of patients and the public, and assures that regular services will not be disrupted.

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