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The Ministry of Education has joined efforts to help earthquake-devastated Haiti.
Recognising that schools are focal points in every community, the Ministry has begun using education institutions for the collection of food and other supplies for distribution in Haiti.
The Ministry is asking students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community to provide items to be donated to the devastated country. The items received by schools are to be forwarded to the Ministry’s regional offices.
Each school is asked to provide a list of the items contributed to its regional office so that a database of its support/contribution can be created. If each child makes a contribution to the value of at least a bottle of water, the impact will be far reaching.
The Ministry of Education is also collecting items from members of staff at its offices. Boxes have been placed in the lobbies of its buildings at National Heroes’ Circle and the regional offices. Members of staff have been donating food, clothing and sundry items.

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