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The Ministry of Water and Housing is making significant progress in its programme of assistance for householders whose homes were totally destroyed by Tropical Storm Gustav.
In Portland, the Ministry has so far, rebuilt 58 of the 117 houses that were demolished by the tropical storm, and relocated nine households to the Darlingford site in the parish.
Of the 37 households in St. Catherine that were totally destroyed, 8 have been relocated, while another 8 have been given grants of J$100,000 each, to build in new locations.
28 of the 36 householders in St. Thomas, whose homes were totally destroyed also received grants of J$100,000 each towards the cost of rebuilding, while 11 affected persons in St. Mary have received grants.
The Ministry has rebuilt all 4 houses in Clarendon that were destroyed. In addition, all 3 affected houses in Hanover, 2 in Westmoreland and one in St. James have been rebuilt by the Ministry at an average cost of J$244,500 each.
Tropical storm Gustav battered the island in August 2008, affecting 5, 866 households in several parishes.
472 houses were totally destroyed, 2,121 received severe damage while 2,624 received minor damage. There were 636 claims for the loss of household items, and 13 individual claims for loss of crops.
Following an assessment conducted shortly after the event, it was decided that the Ministry of Water and Housing would spearhead efforts to rehabilitate persons who suffered total destruction of their homes during the passage of the storm, with the disaster relief agencies dealing with all other claims.

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