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As the Government seeks to engage citizens in the fight against crime, the Ministry of National Security will be implementing a special communications programme aimed at changing the pervasive and counter-productive “informa fi dead” culture.

This was disclosed by Portfolio Minister, Hon. Peter Bunting, during his contribution to the 2012/13 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives, under the theme: ‘On a mission to make Jamaica safe and secure’.

Mr. Bunting said a change in the culture and the mind-set of some citizens is critical to the success of the fight against crime and violence.

"Jamaica is victim to a pervasive sub-culture of violence, lawlessness and disregard for authority. No policing tactic or government strategy will be successful without a serious improvement in the police/citizen relationship and the 'buy-in' of everycitizen," he stated.

He further informed that as part of the government’s communication strategy, the Ministry in March launched a media campaign mainly targeting young people dubbed” “A Gang is a Dead End”.

The campaign, which was supported by some of the country’s major athletes and entertainers has been a success, Mr. Bunting said. “The message was all over the mainstream and social media and more importantly, should now be firmly planted in the consciousness of every "schooler” who may be struggling with pressure from criminal recruiters,” he noted.

Mr. Bunting said the Ministry will continue with a number of similar campaigns during the year to tackle “some of the deep-rooted, dysfunctional norms that only serve to assist criminals”.


By Athaliah Reynolds-Baker, JIS Reporter