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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security is assisting vulnerable groups in the society, who have been affected by the onslaught of Hurricane Dean.
In an interview with JIS News, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Alvin McIntosh said the vulnerable groups to be targeted included persons with disabilities, the elderly and those who are destitute and in greater need as a result of the hurricane.
He said arrangements have been made with the National Council for Senior Citizens and the National Council for Persons with Disabilities, who have a number of offices and officers across the island, to distribute items, including bedding, food, cleaning agents, tarpaulin, flashlights, and lanterns among other items.
“These are supplies that we had procured before the hurricane and are in our central stores in Kingston,” Mr. McIntosh explained.
Additionally, he noted that existing shelters across the island are being serviced by the agencies of the Ministry, which have been allocated funds to acquire basic items that are needed by the shelters. He further noted that where there was a shortfall, voluntary agencies such as the Red Cross, Food for the Poor, the Adventist Disaster Relief Agency (ADRA) and the Salvation Army have made their resources available to assist these affected persons.

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