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The Ministries of Water and Housing and Agriculture and Fisheries are currently discussing a “workable model” for the development of housing in rural Jamaica, Minister of Water and Housing, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, told the House of Representatives, Tuesday (May 18).
Dr.Chang, who was speaking in 2010/11 Sectoral Debate at Gordon House, said that this was one of the initiatives being pursued to address the issues of rural housing, inner city redevelopment and informal settlements, which are areas of focus for his Ministry.
“These highly sensitive areas are challenging, as they have unique characteristics and needs,” Dr. Chang admitted. However, he said despite the challenges his Ministry must hasten to address them, “as failure to do so could do irreparable damage to the social fabric of our society.”
“We have to find a viable way of developing houses in rural sections of the island, and we are now in discussion with the Ministry of Agriculture to come up with a workable model,” he said.
He said that the Ministry was also working with the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) to redevelop sections of downtown Kingston, by using technology that will deliver quality but affordable houses.

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