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Minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Information, Telecommunications and Special Projects, Hon. Daryl Vaz has made a personal donation of $100,000.00 to assist the children of the Rio Grande Valley truck crash victims. He also called for more donations to be made by members of the public and private organizations.
Mr. Vaz was speaking yesterday (July 16) in Port Antonio at the handing over ceremony of commitment letters to fourteen heads of families who are caring for the 41 children left behind.
“I am calling on corporate Jamaica – banks, insurance companies, traders, entertainers and the churches to make a little space in their annual budget for the stricken families of the Rio Grande Valley. Come to Portland, pay them a visit and see what they are achieving with the little that they have. Make a commitment to give these children a helping hand. Losing a parent is a major setback in life and we are asking you to help make sure that they have the books, taxi fare, pencils and lunch money to get to school and get a sound education,” Minister Vaz said.
Public subscription has raised just over $5 million dollars which is being managed by a multi-agency committee chaired by Minister Vaz. The Portland Parish Council has been contracted to disburse funds to pay for books and other materials for the school year and also for approved expenses including transportation and some medical expenses.
Minister Vaz also gave an update on repairs to the Friday Road in the Rio Grande valley saying that he supported the fuel cess.
“I know that this tax is something that is going to benefit the people and I am pleased to indicate to Dr. Rhodd that all his trying is bearing fruit and that a J$175-million contract has been awarded to fix three sections of the breakaway from Comfort Castle upwards. This funding is directly related to the fuel cess and it is among several others,” Minister Vaz explained to the families and counselors present.

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