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Minister of National Security this afternoon met with the management and staff of the Police Transport and Repairs Division, following a tour of the premises located at Tom Redcam Avenue.
During the tour, the minister expressed concern about a number of matters, including the conditions under which the staff are working. He assured the workers that efforts will be made to improve the situation in the shortest possible time.
The Minister noted however that there are medium term plans to relocate the facility, so whatever repairs that will be done to the Tom Redcam location will not extensive.
The National Security Minister said the mobility of the police force at present is 1300 of a required 1600 vehicles. He said of this number, more than 50%of the vehicles are more than five years old, while another 27% is more than ten years old. He said this situation means that the older vehicles demand a lot of maintenance, so the onus therefore is on the staff of the T and R division to work efficiently and effectively to get the vehicles in working condition to the police. He called on the staff to do their utmost to get the vehicles back on streets within the shortest possible time in an effort to make the police will be more mobile.
Mr. Smith also acknowledged the need for an increase in the number of vehicles and disclosed that next Monday he will be making a cabinet submission for more vehicles for the police force.
The Minister who braved the rains and the traffic, walked from his Oxford Road Office to the Transport and Repairs Division where he was met by Assistant Commissioner Delworth Heath, Transport Manager Errol Reid, Deputy Superintendent Canute Bignall, and Human Resources Director Robert Rainford.
Prior to the tour, the Minister had a frank and open discussion with the management team. He impressed upon the management team the need to have a good relationship and interaction with the workers in an effort to have the division working efficientlyDuring the tour, Mr. Smith expressed concern about the number of derelict vehicles on the premises, adding that he will be having dialogue with the Ministry of Finance and the Permanent Secretary in the National Security Ministry, Gilbert Scott, with a view to disposing of them quickly.
A brief meeting with workers followed, during which they expressed a number of concerns, primarily about their working conditions.
The minister thanked the workers, pointing to their important role in improving the mobility of the police force, and by extension, helping in the fight against crime.
He assured them that there will be an improvement to the facility, adding that he will be returning to personally see that improvement work has been carried out.

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