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Minister of Education, Rev. Hon. Ronald Thwaites, has called for a renewal of the culture of good parenting, where children can benefit from the care and attention of both mother and father.

“Being a good parent is the most important thing that any person can do, because the parent, along with the teacher, becomes a creator with Almighty God, in the development of His finest creation, the human spirit, the human person,” the Minister said.

He was delivering a message on November 11 at the national church service to launch Parent Month at the Ocho Rios Baptist Church in St. Ann.

Rev. Thwaites, in his address, also urged parents to listen more to their children.   He stated that parenting in the new Jamaica, “in the transformed world that we are trying to create, will require us to devote more time to listening to our children. It will engage us in the school room, to ensure that there is a wholesome, not hateful curriculum for health and family life”.

“It will encourage us towards the values of responsible sexuality, and towards the care and compassion and tolerance for those who adopt different lifestyle; or indeed, who have any challenges or disabilities as so many of our parents do,” he added.

The theme for this year’s Parents Month is: ‘Parenting the Right Way: Start Listening to Your Child Today’.

Several activities are planned for the month to encourage proper parenting.