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    Minister of Industry, Investment & Commerce, Hon. Karl Samuda, has suspended the granting of certification to new businesses to operate as used car dealers, and has instructed that no new import licences must be issued for overaged vehicles without specific approval.
    The Minister has also directed the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) to conduct an audit of all certified used car dealers, over the next two weeks.
    The Minister’s directive followed a meeting with stakeholders in the used car sector, Ministry officials and its Motor Vehicle Committee.
    Mr. Samuda has also instructed that no import licences must be granted to dealers who had shipped overaged vehicles, prior to receiving import licences. Any exception to this, would be considered as a ‘special case’ to be examined on an individual basis, he said.
    The Commerce Minister further stipulated that any request to amend the chassis number on any import licence for overaged vehicles would not be permitted, unless specific approval is granted by him.

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