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Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Hon. Noel Arscott, says he has initiated discussions with the Jamaica Public Service company Limited, for a reduction in cost to the government for street lights.

The government is billed by the power generating company at a flat rate for street lights across the island.

Mr. Arscott pointed out that paying for street lights forms a significant part of the expenses of his Ministry, and local government officials have to be vigilant to ensure that the lights are working.

The Minister was addressing a community meeting on May 9, staged by the Westmoreland Parish Council, in Savanna-la-Mar, aimed at informing the residents of the parish about the achievements of the Parish Council over the last financial year.

Mr. Arscott said that following his initial discussions, he is awaiting a report from the JPS, due by next week, with regards to the programme to be examined with a view to reducing the cost of street lights to the Parish Councils.

He said that once that bill reduction is achieved, then more funds would become available to the Parish Councils to do other projects.

Turning his attention to Savanna-la-Mar specifically, the Minister said he has been informed that the area in the vicinity of the hospital’s main entrance is very dark, and a number of motor vehicle accidents have been occurring in that area.

Contact: Bryan Miller

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