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Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Hon. Karl Samuda, has said that measures will be implemented to discontinue certain ill-practices that have been identified in the used car industry and to ensure that dealers comply.
“A complete review will be undertaken, and the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) has been asked to do a survey of all existing used car dealers to ensure that they are complying with the terms under which they were allowed to be recognised and certified as used car dealers,” the Minister stated.
He was speaking at a press briefing on Thursday (April 30) at the Ministry’s office in New Kingston.
“The practice of importers proceeding to import their vehicles and have them shipped before receiving, in their hands, a licence to do so will no longer be tolerated,” the Minister said.
“All vehicles that are now on the seas, or have landed without first receiving an import license, they will have to find ways of disposing of them, but they will not be given a licence by me to clear them and bring them into Jamaica,” the Minister asserted.
Mr. Samuda has also instructed that no import licences must be granted to dealers who had shipped overaged vehicles, prior to receiving import licences. Any exception to this, would be considered as a ‘special case’ to be examined on an individual basis, he said.
The Commerce Minister further stipulated that any request to amend the chassis number on any import licence for overaged vehicles would not be permitted, unless specific approval is granted by him.
“I have taken a decision that effective immediately, all applications for new/used car dealerships, requiring certification, will be suspended. I have no intention of bringing on board any new/used car dealers because, in this immediate environment, it is necessary to cauterise what appears to be an emerging haemorrhage, and so we have decided that we want to have a look at the entire industry,” he outlined.
The Commerce Minister said that the used car business has great possibilities, serves to bring revenue to the country and would be expanded by reviewing and properly regulating the entire system.

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