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Energy and Mining Minister, Hon. James Robertson, says that several key developments towards significantly upgrading the Petrojam Refinery in Kingston are to be undertaken.
Speaking with JIS News, during a visit to the facility, yesterday (May 21), Mr. Robertson said that several areas will be addressed, including storage and safety at the refinery.
During the visit, the Minister and other Ministry and Petrojam officials toured sections of the plant, including the Ethanol Dehydration Plant, the dry dock, the loading ramp, workshops and the control room. He also held discussions with several officials from the refinery.
Petrojam’s General Manager, Winston Watson, said that plans are underway to upgrade the refinery’s capabilities. Thus far, the design work has been undertaken and is scheduled for completion by mid-June, he added.
He said that the upgrading will enhance the capacity of the plant, facilitating an increase in barrels of oil, processed per day, from 35,000 to 50,000.
“It will allow us to use a cheaper, heavier type of crude oil and we will be able to produce all the clean finished products that Jamaica needs, including some additional products for export opportunities,” Mr. Watson explained.
Pointing to some of the other features, he said that an additional vacuum unit will be put in place. This he noted will allow the refinery to make vacuum gas oil.
“We are going to put in a sulphur unit, we are going to put in a delayed coker unit, which will enable us to make more clean products. We are going to be putting in some additional environmental units to clean up some of the waste that we produce here, but the main feature of it is the delayed coker,” he said.

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