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Minister of National Security, Senator the Hon. Dwight Nelson, has reacted with horror at the killing of Constable Kevin Tulloch of the Mobile Reserve.
Senator Nelson says preliminary reports of the circumstances under which the policeman’s body was found in Irish Pen, Spanish Town, St. Catherine serve as a grim reminder of the barbarity of criminals who are bent on unleashing terror on law-abiding citizens.
The Minister lamented that Constable Tulloch appeared to have been attacked in such a brutal manner by persons, who appear to have known him and might have been familiar with his movements in the community.
Senator Nelson says this must serve as a warning to law enforcement officers of the need to be alert, wary and vigilant in every situation.
He urged the police to be strong and determined in the face of this unexpected loss from among their numbers. He also assured the police that he is aware of the trying and challenging time for them, and called on residents of Irish Pen to assist investigators probing the case.
He warned residents that the gun which snuffed out the life of the policeman could be turned on them, in the twinkling of an eye, as the perpetrators of such a dastardly act have shown that they are brutish and merciless.
Senator Nelson also extended condolences to family members and loved ones of the Constable, and urged them to look to the Lord for strength in this terrible time of grief.

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