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Mr. Speaker, the growth and development agenda, which has been clearly and passionately articulated by our Most Honourable Prime Minister, inspires the mission of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce.

Mr. Speaker, in my contribution to the sectoral debate on May 14th I indicated that Jamaica’s Logistics Hub Initiative, administered by the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce in collaboration with other Ministries and Agencies, principally the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing, plays a critical role in the country’s growth and development strategy. The core components of this growth initiative were laid out in several government presentations as part of an effort to deepen the understanding of the strategy to achieve growth and showcase the government’s plans to diversify the economy and stimulate wealth and job creation.

We have demonstrated to the many stakeholders, both local and in the wider international community, that the Logistics Hub Initiative is a comprehensive and multifaceted initiative that organizes the economy around a logistics-centric model that represents the next stage in the country’s industrial and commercial development.

When completed, it will include clusters of global businesses operating from special economic zones, technology parks, logistics parks and industrial parks. These businesses will be served by global carriers (sea, air and digital) operating from world class facilities and serving a global market. All the large businesses will be supported by MSMEs and local workforce allowing economic benefits to filter throughout the economy.

Furthermore, Mr. Speaker, the Logistics Hub Initiative involves providing world class facilities but more importantly, creating the conditions for attracting global business, as well as the conditions conducive for these businesses and allowing the products and services they produce to seamlessly access global markets.

Mr. Speaker, the role of the MIIC is pivotal to the implementation of this initiative. Notwithstanding, the full involvement of several Ministries, Departments and Agencies will be required, and hence the crucial coordinating role of the National Logistics Initiative Council chaired by Professor Shirley. This, Mr. Speaker, is not an attempt by the Most Honourable Prime Minister to hoist jurisdiction from the MIIC nor to vitiate the role of the Ministry in this Initiative, as claimed by the opposition Spokesman in this recent contribution to the sectorial debate…READ MORE

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