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A commitment has been made to review customer service practices at the May Pen Hospital, Clarendon, after concerns were raised by Minister of Health, Hon. Rudyard Spencer, about how patients were being treated.
Minister Spencer called a meeting with the staff and administrators at the hospital yesterday (Friday, June 26, 2009) and told the group that he had received a number of complaints regarding the treatment of persons who seek care at the facility.
“Without the persons who come here, there would be no hospital and no need for you to be here. We have to ensure that persons are always treated with respect when they visit this hospital.”
The Minister pointed out that good customer service was essential to ensuring optimal patient care and the successful delivery of the hospital’s services.
He said if the situation did not improve, steps would be taken to identify and deal with offending staff members.
Hospital administrators pointed out that a customer service policy and guidelines were in place but these would be reviewed to strengthen the system and address any gaps identified.
Staff members also expressed concerns about aspects of the hospital’s services and the Minister made a commitment to reviewing these concerns with his technical team.

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