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Preliminary work on National Labour Day projects are scheduled to begin next week.
This was announced at a Labour Day National Planning Committee meeting, held Friday (May 8) in the conference room at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, New Kingston.
Three projects have been selected for Labour Day, Monday, May 25. These are – the installation of a multi-purpose court in Riversdale, St Catherine; sprucing up of the St Ann’s Bay Hospital, St Ann; and the starting of a Tissue Culture Ginger Project at Top Alston, Clarendon.
The committee discussed preparatory work to be done prior to the event. Work will begin on the Multi-purpose Court on Monday, May 11, while work on the Ginger project will start on Wednesday, May 13.
Speaking at the meeting, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Olivia Grange, urged committee members to work quickly in completing their respective tasks.
“We do not have much time left, and whatever has to be done must be done today. It cannot be put off for tomorrow,” she said.
Miss Grange, who is also Chairman of the Labour Day Committee, noted the importance of the projects; that they have been well-received; and that people were feeling good about them.
“We can, maybe next year, highlight a main project in each parish and really make the country buy into Labour Day, (as) not just a day when you do clean-up, but a day when you take on other projects that can be lasting and meaningful,’ she said.
In an interview with JIS News, Deputy Chairman of the National Labour Day Committee, Sydney Bartley, said that activities should not be limited to physical work, but people could also help to make a difference in their communities.
“You can do anything that would help to make a difference in someone’s life. If you are a retired nurse, you could spend a day at the hospital and help the people who work there. If you are a teacher, and you know some youths on the corner whom you are concerned about, you could decide that you are going to spend the day with them, teaching them something,” he suggested.
He said there was a need to revive the spirit of volunteerism, noting that the theme for this Labour Day was focussing on social intervention and community interaction. In light of the global economic challenges facing the country, there was a need for citizens to help each other.
“We want our young people to develop that sense of collective identity, that sense of understanding that if you help somebody else to grow and feel good, then you will have a better country and all of us will live in a better situation,” Mr. Bartley said.
Persons can register their projects with the Parish Council; the Social Development Commission (SDC); Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC); or the National Labour Day Secretariat, at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture at www.jis.gov.jm.

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