Minister Grange Calls Music Industry Meeting to Deal with Lyrical Content

The Honourable Olivia “Babsy” Grange, Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports has called a meeting for this Friday (February 13) with major stakeholders in the music industry to discuss appropriate action to deal with negative and lewd lyrics in the Jamaican music industry.
At a reception for the newly-formed Reggae Industry Association hosted by the Prime Minister at Jamaica House last night (February 8) as part of the early Reggae Month activities, Mr. Golding asked Minister Grange to meet with music industry leaders for him to hold discussions with them on the situation as regards content and the inappropriate music currently being broadcast.
“Inappropriate music is one of the matters I had asked the Broadcasting Commission to look into while I was at their last retreat,” Minister Grange said. “Payola and copyright compliance were the other matters,” the Minister added.
Miss Grange said that the broadcasting stations must be held accountable for programme content.”
The Information Minister has also said “it will not just be about radio and television but I am in touch with the Minister of Transport about what is aired on public transportation.”
Minister Grange added the Government did not believe will in censorship but must see to a balance in content in “public spaces” as our children in particular are exposed to it. “We must bear in mind the impact of music on the society. “It is not about controlling creativity. It is about striking a balance.”
She said the Government and the music industry will be partnering in the effort and that they hope to come out of Friday’s meeting with a clear direction as to how the situation will be addressed.
“We have some of the best writers in this country; a great music that has had a positive effect all over the globe without the inclusion of lewd lyrics. We must protect what we have that has been positive,” Miss Grange said.

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