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Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett says that health and wellness tourism has great potential for development in Jamaica.

Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett

Speaking at a reception to celebrate the opening of the newest location of Jencare Skin Farm Spa in Miramar, Florida, on November 28, the Minister praised the owner, Jennifer Samuda, for her outstanding performance in the industry in the area of health and wellness over the years, which has played a significant role in building ‘Brand Jamaica’.
The Miramar location is an addition to others already established in Miami, New York, Trinidad and Jamaica complete with state-of- the-art equipment and facilities, which the Minister described as a bold step taken to spread the wings of this successful venture as it expands internationally.
Mr. Bartlett said that Jencare’s work in the field of skin care would help to facilitate the development of critical infrastructure needed to boost health and wellness in Jamaica’s tourist industry, using mostly truly authentic Jamaican products, while promoting good health, and sustaining youth and vitality.
He said this new venture was a major achievement in the Diaspora, demonstrating the high level of entrepreneurship that abounds in the country.
While Jencare continues to serve and facilitate those in the Diaspora, the visionaries of the company, according to Minister Bartlett, would also raise the bar of performance in the industry, to strive to become one of the best spas in any country it operates.
The Minister urged Jamaicans in the Diaspora to recognise and support businesses owned and operated by nationals. This, he said, was a promotion of things Jamaican, and ultimately an encouragement for others doing business with Jamaicans, to one day, become visitors to the island.
Commissioner Winston Barnes, Jamaican national serving on the City Commission of Miramar also welcomed the Jamaican-owned business to the City, which he described as one of the fastest growing communities of Jamaican nationals in South Florida.
The event was chaired by banking Executive, Wayne Powell who also congratulated the Jencare family. He noted that their journey to success can be traced to their commitment to hard work, while adopting new techniques and enhancing product development.

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