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The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) has reported minimal damage to agriculture in Hanover as a result of Hurricane Dennis, with only 40 hectares of crops estimated at $1.8 million lost.
In his report to the Hanover Parish Council on July 14, Bernard Goffe, RADA Parish Manager for Hanover, said that vegetable farmers suffered $764,000 in losses, damage to condiments was estimated at $100,000, while $260,000 in livestock and $385,000 worth of semi-permanent crops were lost. He added that damage from soil erosion was estimated at $260,000.
Mr. Goffe informed that approximately 256 farmers were affected by the hurricane and moves towards recovery had already started. “We are expecting that these farmers that were affected would be assisted as quickly as possible, to get them back on their feet, and to build back the whole agricultural production in this parish”, he stated.
He noted that a number of farmers had received assistance to recover from Hurricane Ivan, while others had used “self reliance” to get back to their normal production levels. Mr. Goffe stated that preliminary checks were showing an increase in agricultural production in the parish over last year.

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