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Mines and Geology Division (MGD) launches its Mineral Information System, a project born in collaboration with the ACP-EU UNDP Development Minerals Programme in 2018.

This project involved the creation of a web map showcasing the development of minerals and quarrying activities throughout Jamaica and fits into the overall geospatial data management strategy of the division.

MGD has the statutory responsibility under the Mining Act and Quarries Control act to exercise supervision and representation of all prospecting, mining and quarrying operations throughout the island. Therefore, the development of a platform of this nature was to fill the gaps identified in the way geospatial information was showcased to MGD clients and the general public.

Roy Nicholson Commissioner of Mines states, “the vast majority of MGD’s geospatial workflow involved the creation of paper-based maps, however, with the advancement of electronic-based applications, it is essential that the division can share graphical information in a user-friendly digital format.”

Dubbed the Mineral Information System, the web mapping application was designed using ArcGIS online, ESRI’s cloud-based mapping platform. It showcases the spatial distribution of industrial and metallic deposits and occurrences, quarries, transport infrastructure, and the basic geology of the island.

Currently, the web map displays the locational information of a suite of industrial mineral deposits studied by the MGD such as high purity limestone, marble/dimension stone, skid-resistant aggregate, and gypsum. Metallic occurrences such as copper, iron, and gold are also displayed.

The distribution of quarries throughout the island can also be seen.

In addition to the quarries and mineralogical information, information on the transport infrastructure is also provided which is an essential part of the sector as material extracted has to be accessible to a potential market. The information is updated regularly and more features will be added over time.

The intended use of the Mineral Information System is to provide basic geological and mineral resource information to potential investors in the mining and quarrying sector as well as informing the general public on quarrying activates in their area.

It can be accessed on the home page of the Mines and Geology Division’s Website ( under the section Mineral Information System.

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