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The Management Institute for National Development (MIND) has launched an ‘Environmental Planning for Business Leaders’ training programme, which is designed to enhance awareness of environmental management strategies among the private sector.

More than 50 business leaders are expected to participate in the 60-hour programme, which will be offered through MIND’s online training facility, MIND Online. Chief Executive Officer of MIND, Ruby Brown, told JIS News that recognizing the busy schedule of business leaders, they were in search of “an online programme that would fulfil the need for training, and provide the flexibility for individuals to organise their training schedule.”

The training programme is being undertaken as part of the ‘Environmental Management in the Private Sector . Creating Sustainable Business’ project, which is an outshoot of the government of Jamaica /Canadian International Development Agency-funded Environmental Action (ENACT) programme. In addition to MIND and ENACT, the Jamaica Manufacturers Association (JMA) and National Environmental Planning Agency (NEPA) comprise the partnership, which made the programme a reality.

Expressing his confidence in the programme, Hopeton Heron, Acting Chief Executive Officer at NEPA, asserted that, “we at NEPA, through the ENACT Programme, feel very proud to have partnered with the JMA in building the capacity of the wider private sector to recognize the importance of incorporating environmental issues in their day-to-day operations, not just for environmental sustainability but for sustainability of their own businesses.”

At the media launch of the programme at the Hilton Kingston hotel recently, Minister of Land and Environment, Dean Peart emphasised the “need to make the link between environmental practices and economic impact.” He revealed plans by the government “to establish a climate change unit, through which our offices will engage the private sector to develop a portfolio of projects to be financed by the private sector and will also assist in finding buyers for these projects,” adding that, “we have to start selling the economic benefits of proper environmental projects”. The Minister noted that, “in tourism, the new trend is in eco-tourism because people are more sensitive, [and] aware and prefer to support hotels and tourist products that indulge in environmentally safe practices”.

In light of this, he stressed the importance of engaging “the private sector in a drive to change the nature of our tourism product to infuse environmentally sound practices”. Of the training programme, the Minister said, “this training that is being offered to business leaders, will help them to adapt and to make the adjustment that is necessary for this new modus operandi”.

Wishing the programme “every success”, he encouraged participants to “make full use of this opportunity”.The course, which has been uploaded since 6:00 a.m. on January 23, has nine modules spanning greening, setting up Environmental Management Systems (EMS), sustainable agricultural practices, trade and environmental issues, among other areas. Assessment will be done online and participants will be certified upon completion of the programme.

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