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The Management Institute for National Development (MIND) yesterday (Nov. 24) launched a two-day workshop on effective corporate governance for senior public sector officials and decision-makers at its Old Hope Road campus. Speaking at the opening session, Director of Learning at MIND, Jacqueline Wallder, said the programme was in keeping with the Government’s reform agenda to, “transform and modernize the public sector. MIND has seen it important to develop and sustain this rather important training course”. “The course is designed for senior personnel including government officials and decision makers who are concerned with the efficient and ethical conduct of state-owned enterprises,” Mrs. Wallder explained.
She added that by the end of the course, participants should be able to ensure that organizations honour their corporate responsibilities and comply with statutory obligations; have proper procedures and systems in place to guide the board in the execution of its responsibilities; and have effective processes to facilitate stakeholder recourse against inappropriate behaviour.
In her comments, General Manager of Business Development at J. Wray and Nephew Limited, Greta Bogues, said corporate governance was important as it would help deal with the problem of questionable business conduct within the work place.
“What the governance processes will do is it will help to provide proper processes to enable directors to make more appropriate decisions for their particular organizations,” Miss Bogues said. The course will conclude today (Nov. 25).

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