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Minister of Transport and Works, the Hon Mike Henry, has appealed to Trelawny residents not too carry out demonstrations which could endanger the fledging cruise industry in Falmouth.

Mr. Henry told JIS News Monday afternoon (March 7) that he was concerned about reports of planned road blocking demonstrations on the Springvale Main Road (commonly called Wakefield Main Road) in Northern Trelawny, calling attention to bad road conditions, which could seriously affect the commuting of cruise ship passengers visiting the parish.

“I understand there is a plan to block the roads, Wednesday and Thursday, to prevent cruise ship passengers travelling to attractions like the Good Hope Great House, and I am appealing to these people not to block the roads and prevent the visitors from sightseeing, because this can affect national development,” Mr. Henry said. He added that he has informed the Minister of National Security of his information.

A number of demonstrations have already been staged in the area, involving the cutting down of trees to block roads. However, Mr. Henry said his Ministry has been fixing as many roads in Northern Trelawny as resources allow.

Two cruise vessels are expected to visit Falmouth this week. They are the Freedom of the Seas on Wednesday and the Voyager of the Seas on Thursday.

Falmouth welcomed its first cruise ship in recent years on February 17, when Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Voyager of the Seas with over 3,000 passengers docked at the newly builtUS$221 million pier, a joint effort between Royal Caribbean and the Government-owned Port Authority of Jamaica. A 18th century concept of the town, including cobblestone streets, ancient tramcars and the planting of some 500 trees, to give it a special historical flavour, is still being developed.

Thegrand opening celebrations of the historic port will take place on March 22, when RCCL’s Oasis of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise vessel with over 6,000 passengers, will dock.