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The Mico Care Centre in Mandeville, Manchester, in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), has successfully helped more than 350 children with various learning problems, in the last two years.
Speaking at a recent stakeholders meeting, held at the centre, Co-ordinator of the institution, Maxine Anderson, said the collaboration between Mico Care and UNICEF represents a valuable and vital role in the prevention of academic failure.
“The partnership provided funding for two years, and it has helped with psycho-educational assessments of children whose parents could not afford the assessment. Additionally, several parents have benefitted from the eight workshops that were conducted during the period,” she said.
“We appreciate the partnership with UNICEF, and its support has positively influenced the lives of our students, parents and teachers,” Miss Anderson added.
She told the gathering that after the children are assessed, those who are slow learners are pulled out of the regular schools, and placed in the Remedial Intervention Programme that the centre offers.
“Education has to be everybody’s business, and our teacher training package provides on-going field services and workshops geared at equipping teachers to better address the learning problems faced by children, in public and private schools,” Miss Anderson explained.
Lauding the work of the centre and the contribution of UNICEF, Community Relations Officer at the Ministry of Education, Charmaine Gooden-Monteith, said the education system is dependent on all stakeholders to ensure the delivery of a high quality educational product, which optimises student learning.
“This centre has had a positive impact on the delivery of education, as they are involved in the diagnosis and remediation of children with learning problems, and upgrading the teaching skills of classroom teachers and identifying and offering guidelines to gifted and talented students,” she noted.

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