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More than 100 Jamaican nationals in South Florida benefitted from the processing of applications for passport and citizenship, at a community outreach held on Saturday (March 21) in Palm Beach County.
At the event, which was organized by the Jamaican Consulate in Miami, persons also submitted applications for vital records such as birth, death and marriage certificates, and obtained relevant information on land titles, property taxes, and estate management and probate.
Representatives of the Registrar General’s Department (RGD); Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA); National Land Agency (NLA); and the Consulate, were on hand to provide assistance in the relevant areas.
The support team from the RGD was able to process some 20 applications for birth certificates, as well as provide assistance in applying for deed polls and marriage and death certificates, among others. The RGD also provided information regarding genealogical research, registry wedding service, record updating, late entry of name, and late registration.
Director of Estate Management at the NLA, Donovan Hayden, said that the opportunity to serve persons in the Diaspora was productive, as nationals were able to make inquiries and receive assistance first-hand.
Marcia Bodden, a resident of Palm Beach, who was renewing her passport, commended the Consulate on staging the all day event, noting that she was also able to obtain information on land services in Jamaica.
Vice Consul in the Consulate with responsibility for Passport and Immigration Services, Stacy Johnson, noted that the event was a success as staff members were able to meet with clients on a one-on-one basis and address their concerns.
The outreach in Palm Beach County was the second in a series organised by the Jamaican Consulate General with partnering agencies, to provide Jamaican nationals with pertinent information and support services.
More than 200 Jamaicans turned out for the last event held at the Lauderdale Lakes Community Council last October, where they submitted applications for passport, citizenship, and the processing of vital records such as birth, death and marriage certificates.
The series of quarterly community outreach events were initiated by Consul General, Sandra Grant Griffiths, who said that the sessions would help to improve co-operation between the Consulate and the Jamaican community, making the mission more client-friendly.
Similar sessions are slated for other cities across the Southern United States including Orlando, Atlanta, Houston, as well as the Cayman Islands.

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