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As we observe Teachers’ Day, we are presented with the ideal opportunity to give due recognition to members of this noble profession, whose outstanding contribution to nation building is worthy of high praises. It is also an opportunity for many of us to reflect on our own lives and how much our past teachers have aided our journey to the place of success that we now enjoy.

Teaching is a profession, of which there can be little doubt as to the importance it plays as a service to human development. In this regard the entire Jamaican society remains indebted to the selfless sacrifice that our teachers have individually and collectively made in service to our nation’s children and students at all levels.

Simply put, teachers are the creators of positive social consciousness. They directly mould or otherwise influence the character, values and attitudes that are retained within society. These admirable qualities are pre-requisites for all of us to become even better adjusted individuals, as together we work to achieve in Jamaica, the quality society about which we all dream and which we all deserve.

I thank all teachers for the active partnership you have maintained as key stakeholders for Jamaica’s development. We are nothing as a people without your investment in our development. All the best for today and the future