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Today, many countries around the world pause to observe Mother’s Day. It has become one of the most celebrated days on the calendar and for good reasons. There is no other group that is as deserving of such honour and appreciation for the often lonely job that they do everyday and the sacrifices that they make for our children and our future.
Our mothers are the epitome of unconditional love, caring and compassion. The prospects of our country rise and fall on the work of this large army of biological and surrogate mothers. It is in their legendary patient love and tender compassion that we will sustain today’s hopes and build our peaceful tomorrows.
We owe a debt of gratitude to Jamaican mothers in whose selfless labour of love we find those endearing and most enduring qualities that have made us a special people and a great nation. We need to collaboratively consider initiatives that will ease the burden that poor and single mothers are experiencing as they struggle to keep their families together, earn a living and teach their children good values in a world where morality is on the decline.
Mother’s Day presents an opportunity to look to our mothers as guardians of our values and protectors of our homes to advance the welfare of the society.
Today, I salute your fortitude that strengthens us everyday. I applaud your courage that lends us confidence to face each day. I commend your patience that teaches us compassion. I thank you for your love that will heal our nation.
We look to you to lift us up above the wreck and ruin of ignorance, selfishness and unbridled greed because it is you who have demonstrated that there is beauty in self-sacrifice and power in love.
Let us extend our appreciation to our mothers beyond today and commit to support them in tangible ways in the rearing of our children and in securing the future of our nation.

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