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The recently unveiled mermaid at the Montego Bay Marine Park (MBMP) is gaining popularity and in response to the increasing number of queries from curious visitors, Executive Director, Hugh Shim, and staff at the park have added colour to the statue.

They will also be erecting an information board near the water front’s latest attraction.

Mr. Shim told JIS News that a surprising number of persons have been visiting the MBMP to see the mermaid statue and make inquiries about the mythical creature.

The 226.7-kilogram (500 pounds) mermaid figure which was unveiled at the Montego Bay Marine Park (MBMP) on Saturday, October 23, 2021. It was created from crushed glass and cement and represents the first of three to be installed in an underwater sculpture park being created by the MBMP.


The MBMP is currently awaiting approval from the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) to crane-lift the statue to the location identified as Jamaica’s first and Latin America’s fourth underwater sculpture park behind Mexico, Grenada, and The Bahamas.

In the meantime, the decision was made to enhance the appearance of the environmentally friendly figure.

“The statue was painted with water-based (nontoxic) paints, because we wanted to make it a little bit more attractive,” Mr. Shim said.

The recently unveiled Mermaid in the Montego Bay Marine Park (MBMP), now sports a new look after being painted with environmentally safe paint by members of staff at the MBMP. According to Executive Director of the Park, Hugh Shim, plans are to install an information board to answer the many queries curious visitors have been making regarding mermaids and their mythical powers.


Members of staff of the Montego Bay Marine Park (MBMP), senior park ranger, Shavelle Service (left) and part time administrative assistant, Alair Lumley, give the recently unveiled mermaid a colourful facelift.



He added that there are plans to build out the underwater attraction with two additional statues in the coming year. Construction is set to begin in February.

With the establishment of the underwater features, the Montego Bay Marine Park is adding to its menu of points-of-interest for underwater adventure seekers, such as scuba divers and snorkelers, and those who would prefer experiencing the grandeur of the coral reefs from above on glass bottom boat tours.

Mr. Shim described the coral reefs condition as “pretty stable” and will improve once the sculpture is placed in the sea.

“It is also hoped that the Montego Bay Underwater Sculpture Park will take the strain off some of the popular reefs and dive sites,” he said.

Executive Director of the Montego Bay Marine Park (MBMP), Hugh Shim, has said that the newly unveiled Mermaid in the marine park has received a colourful facelift and is attracting curious visitors.


“We are not having it for recreational purposes (only), meaning people can snorkel and swim around (but) it is supposed to actually attract more small fish that can grow around it (and) can also attract coral growth,” Mr. Shim added.

The mermaid statue was unveiled on Saturday, October 23, and is being touted as a symbol of hope for the rejuvenation of the Montego Bay Coral Reef, which is making a comeback from degradation.

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