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On February 4, Meritz Services Ltd. created a little history for itself, when it became the first entity in Jamaica to register under the new Companies Act, which came into force on February 1.
It was also the first company to receive its documents on the new security paper being used by the Office of the Registrar of Companies (ORC).
Business Registration Manager at the ORC, Trudy-Ann Bartley-Thompson told JIS News that the security paper has a number of special features to prevent duplication.
These include a special touch face that shows the certificate is valid, an imprint of the ORC logo and a special feature, which prevents the successful photocopying of the certificate. “Anytime this certificate is photocopied. it comes up with the word ‘VOID’ on it, so it cannot be reproduced,” she explained.
Clients, she said, who wish to have copies of their documents, need to request certified copies from the ORC, which they will also receive on security paper.
The Directors of Meritz Services Ltd. are Jamaican-born British residents who have created the establishment to focus on industrial janitorial services.
Managing Director, Vincent Whittle and Director, Paul McLeod explained that on examining the current local market, they detected an area of need that they could successfully meet.
Mr. McLeod, who has spent the better part of 10 years in the British janitorial industry, in large organizations, explained that he had obtained a wealth of experience, which would be applied to the local context.
Both men found the ORC experience to be a speedy and pleasant one, having made their application, and received certification in the space of two days. They also had high commendations for Customer Service Representative, Dionne Reid.

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