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Minister of National Security, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, says the merger of the Police Civilian Oversight Authority (PCOA) and the Police Service Commission (PSC) remains a priority.

He said that the amalgamation of the two entities, which requires a Constitutional amendment, is part of a slew of legislative measures that the Government is undertaking to strengthen the security machinery.

“It is an absorption of the PCOA by the PSC. It will be done. It requires Constitutional amendment, as it (the commission) is a deeply entrenched part of the Constitution,” Minister Chang noted while addressing the recent PCOA awards ceremony held at the Office of the Police Commissioner in St. Andrew.

The PCOA was established to operate as a mechanism separate from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), to ensure accountability, adherence to policy guidelines, and observance of proper policing standards by the police force.

The PSC is tasked with recommending the appointment and promotion of officers in the JCF above the rank of inspector, handling of disciplinary proceedings, training and study leave, among other functions.

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