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Men are being urged to develop and engage in healthy lifestyle practices in order to improve their physical and mental wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

This urging comes from State Minister in the Ministry of Culture, Gender Entertainment and Sport, Hon. Alando Terrelonge.

He was speaking at an International Men’s Day (IMD) church service on Sunday (November 15) at the Constant Spring Road Church of God Kingston.

The service is among activities to commemorate IMD, which is being observed on Thursday, November 19, under the theme: ‘A Man’s Health is a Man’s Wealth’.

Mr. Terrelonge said the theme is important, especially at this time as Jamaica and other countries globally battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

He dismissed claims suggesting that men who wear masks as a COVID-19 safeguard are weak, describing those views as “a nonsensical approach to combating the coronavirus”.

The State Minister urged Jamaican men to disregard this perception, and take care of their health by wearing masks.

Mr. Terrelonge noted that persons can jeopardise the health of their family and loved ones by not wearing a mask.

“When you don’t wear the mask, you put yourself at risk to get the coronavirus. When you put yourself at risk, you put your wife, your parents, your grandparents, your children, your entire family and friends at risk of catching the coronavirus,” he emphasised.

Against this background, Mr. Terrelonge said “we want the men in Jamaica to step up [in this regard]; it is the right thing to do… it is the manly thing to do… it is the masculine thing to do”.

On Tuesday, November 19, an IMD Observance and Celebration forum will take place at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., during which the 2020 Outstanding Father Award will be presented.

There will also be a soft launch of the Extemporary Male Role Models 2021 calendar, as well as a presentation on the implementation of the ‘Young Fathers Jamaica’ Initiative.

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