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A Terrence Golding memorial trophy will be donated by the St. Catherine Football Association in memory of 17 year-old Terrence Golding, a member of Eltham High School’s Manning Cup football team.
Golding died suddenly after becoming ill during one of the team’s training sessions.
Students paid tribute to Terrence in music, song, and dance at a special function held yesterday (October 16) on the grounds of the school. A minute of silence was also observed by teachers, students, and members of the team.
Attending the function were Minister of Information, Culture, Youth, and Sports, and Member of Parliament for St. Catherine Central, where Eltham High is located, Olivia Grange, Theobald Golding, Grace Ann Williams, aunt of Terrence Golding, and former national football player, Ali McNab.
President of the St. Catherine Football Association, Peter Reid, said it was appropriate to have a trophy named in the memory of the young man, because of the good qualities exemplified by the team, and to carry on his memory.
He said that the school’s coach and administration will set the criteria regarding eligibility for the award.
Speaking at a small gathering held in the institution’s staff room, Minister Grange said that Eltham High School had made a great impact, in a short time, on Terrence Golding’s life.
“Two years ago he came here and the school moulded him to the extent that he became one of the best footballers around, and it only shows that if we take time out for youth and steer them in the right direction, we can’t lose,” she noted, adding that Terrence was not an average child, otherwise he would not have made the Manning cup team.
She told the relatives to cherish the memories of Terrence’s life, since he was a gifted and special human being.
Meanwhile, his aunt, thanked the school for honouring Terrence, stating that, “even though we are mourning, it is so comforting to know that for two years Terrence had this impact on the school,” she added.
She said that the family appreciated the kindness showed by the school, noting that too often persons do not take the time out for family and friends because of their busy lifestyle. “You cannot pay for kindness, no matter how it comes. The best kind of kindness to me is time that is extended, not the money,” she added.

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