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A memorial service for Caribbean and American victims of Hurricane Ivan was held last Sunday (Sept. 19) at the Holy Family Episcopal Church in North Miami.
The members of the church, which represent some 16 nationalities worldwide, have started a relief fund for victims in Jamaica and Grenada and other areas severely impacted by the recent disaster.
Persons willing to contribute to the relief effort can forward items to the Church’s location in North Miami.
In his sermon, Rev. Horace Ward, pastor of the church and a Jamaican national, called for partnership among all nations globally to help those in need. The congregation also observed a moment of prayer for their relatives and loved ones who suffered loss as a result of the hurricane.
In his address to the congregation, Jamaica’s Consul General and head of the Caribbean Consular Corps, Ricardo Allicock, expressed appreciation for the overwhelming support demonstrated by individuals, charitable organizations, corporations and international bodies to the relief effort in Jamaica and spoke of the tremendous efforts being made to restore normalcy throughout the island.
He also appealed for a united effort in providing aid to other Caribbean island, which were severely affected by recent hurricanes.
Joining in the united appeal were Barbados Consul General, Edward Bushell and the Executive Director of the Grenada Cultural Association in Miami, Beulah Alexander. Mr. Allicock’s wife Suzanne also participated in the ceremony.
Meanwhile, Dahlia Walker-Huntington, advisory board member of the newly established Jamaica Diaspora Foundation, expressed willingness and commitment to work with the Jamaican Consulate in coordinating relief efforts for the island.

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