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The Atlanta-Montego Bay Sister City Foundation, on Monday (October 4), launched its 17th annual health mission to Montego Bay, at the St. John’s Methodist Church Hall.

Dr. Nicola Chin, member of the Atlanta Health team, checks little Radiana Greaves during the Atlanta-Montego Bay Sister City Health Mission at St. John’s Methodist Church Hall, in Montego Bay, on Monday (October 4).

The medical team of 29, comprising doctors, nurses, other medical personnel from abroad and several volunteers from across the parish of St. James, were on hand to attend to the estimated 500 patients with various health concerns and challenges.
This yearly health mission has been undertaken in association with the St. James Parish Council, and is facilitated by the St. James Health Department. It is one of the major events staged to coincide with the annual commemoration of Montego Bay achieving city status in October 1980.
The Atlanta-Montego Bay Sister City Foundation was established in 1972 and is the oldest Caribbean Organisation in Atlanta. It was established through reciprocal agreements between the Mayors of Atlanta and Montego Bay.
Chairman of the Atlanta-Montego Bay Sister City Health Mission and Honorary Consul to Atlanta, Vin Martin, told JIS News that for the past 17 years, the health mission has been touching the lives of persons in need of medical attention and assisting in enhancing their total health care and wellness.

Eye Physician and Surgeon, Dr. Jerry Kirby (right), fits a pair of glasses on Hector Myers during the Atlanta-Montego Bay Sister City Health Mission at St. John’s Methodist Church Hall, in Montego Bay, on Monday (October 4).

“For the past 17 years, we have felt that we could provide some service to the people of Montego Bay and its surroundings and while we do have the health mission as part of the wider city celebrations in Montego Bay each year, we have other committees that have been established that are actively involved in fostering this relationship,” he said.
Medical Director of the Atlanta-Montego Bay Sisters Committee Medical Mission, Dr. Deborah Haynes, said that the medical personnel over the years, have been able to play an integral role in ensuring that patients live health-conscious lifestyles.
“Ideally over the years, our goal has been, when we have to treat long-term diseases such as diabetes, or hypertension, we try to give them as much medication as we can,” Dr. Haynes said.
Deputy Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Cecil Davis told JIS News that the good relationship that exists between the health mission and the St. James Parish Council, has been the main contributing factor in the successful staging of 17 years of health service to people in need.
“We at the St. James Parish Council have found this a very rewarding and beneficial experience and relationship, as so many citizens have been assisted in some way. We want to commend all the doctors and other members of the mission team and the volunteers who have invested their time and resources in making this a successful mission,” he said.

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