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Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission, Cordel Green, is urging all stakeholders to prepare to take advantage of the potential and possibilities that exist in the media and broadcasting landscape. Speaking with JIS News during the final leg of an island wide familiarization tour of the installation of broadcast facilities and cable services across the Corporate Area, the North Coast and Western Jamaica, Mr. Green said that despite the challenges, there are interesting times ahead, with many opportunities.
“People must grasp fully the developmental potential presented by the information age, (that it is) not an opportunity for us to drag down ourselves, to belittle people, to make music about what is the worst about us, but an opportunity to lift our creativity beyond even our wildest imaginations,” the Executive Director stated.
He pointed out that the media for distribution of content is far more pervasive than ever before, hence the Commission would be operating on several fronts. “One of these approaches points to the traditional approach to regulation, where we are engaging around quality and output issues but also emphasizing the maturing of the industry, encouraging a co-regulatory approach for broadcasters to understand that they have even greater responsibilities now than before for maintaining standards and for paying keen attention to the impact of media on society,” Mr. Green told JIS News.
“So self regulation and co-regulation must become an increasing part of the landscape and media literacy . we are collaborating with the Ministry of Education, UNESCO, and the Joint Board of Teacher Education, developing media literacy training programmes for teachers,” he disclosed. Mr. Green said under this initiative, a programme has been piloted which involves trainee teachers using a four-module video, developed by the Broadcasting Commission, along with a teacher’s guide, to integrate media literacy into the curriculum for children. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission, Dr. Hopeton Dunn told JIS News that the tour was necessary as the Commission needed a first hand knowledge of the facilities, staff, and operating conditions of all licensees and also to familiarize them on its plans and concerns.
“One of our main concerns has been the quality of the content that goes out. We are concerned about maintaining broadcasting standards in line with the broadcasting regulations in Jamaica. Too many of the stations are carrying lyrics from music and content which we think breach the regulations. We also want to lead a process of digital transfer and switch over, so that we can be in line with global best practices in terms of technical standards in Jamaica,” Dr. Dunn said. He noted that the tour was “a very useful one” and that other forms of consultations would be utilized in order to advance the agenda of the Broadcasting Commission.

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