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Government Senator Desmond McKenzie, has warned of increased activity within local authorities to ensure that building regulations are observed and the fees paid.
“There is going to be war between the local authorities and those persons who continue to circumvent the law and continue to show little or no respect for local authorities,” the Senator warned.
Senator McKenzie, who is also the Mayor of Kingston, was speaking in the Senate’s State of the Nation Debate at Gordon House on Jan. 30.
He said that the state was losing billions of dollars annually, and lives and property were endangered by the failure of developers, and householders, to seek approval of building plans and pay the requisite fees before construction.
“That is why we are suffering when rain falls in this city. It is not because the drains are not clean, it is not because the infrastructure is old, it is because we are building in areas where we shouldn’t be building houses and the developers ignore the local authorities,” Senator McKenzie said.
“This has created some serious problems for the local authorities. Parish Councils are affected, when developers start construction without first obtaining the requisite approval,” he pointed out.
“It is fair to say, without fear of contradiction, that seven out of ten constructions that take place within our capital city have no approval from the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC),” he added.
Senator McKenzie said that the law requires that a building application be made to the Parish Council for approval, if a developer or a householder wishes to make an addition to an existing building or construct new buildings.
“A lot of people ignore the Parish Councils, because they feel that the Councils are insignificant and persons who work within the Councils have no sense. That is the impression in many cases, with how people respond to the obligations that the Councils have to discharge,” he stated.

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