JIS News

Mayor of Portmore, Councillor George Lee has indicated that the Municipal Council would be seeking to collaborate with the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) on developmental plans for that municipality.
The Mayor informed that he would be making representation shortly to make the effort a reality, as to not do so would delay the Council’s agenda for a developmental plan, which would hamper the growth of the municipality.
He was speaking against the background of NEPA presently having the sole authority to create and implement development plans and development orders for all parishes and municipalities.
Speaking with JIS News, Mayor Lee said Portmore as a rapidly developing community had several problems it had to fix and was working toward creating a development plan as a guide to achieving this goal.
Mayor Lee said that while he fully appreciated the concept of one body being in charge of the development process in order to maintain standards, a collaborative effort between the Council and NEPA should be made.
“In the case of Portmore, he continued, we have hired a highly competent company to create our development plan as we are not going to do it ourselves and all they (NEPA) have to do is to make certain they supervise the process,” he added.

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