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Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Charles Sinclair, has given his commitment to clean-up the city, to protect its image as a prime tourist destination. The newly installed Mayor, who was outlining his mission, vision and direction for the city at a recent meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Providence held at the Wexford Hotel on Gloucester Avenue, said that a number of programmes, towards this aim, will be implemented over the coming months.
“Today, we are known as the premier tourist destination in Jamaica and possibly the Caribbean. If however we are not careful, we stand a very good chance of loosing that title,” he stated. “It is the desired expectation of all of us that the Parish Council will bring Montego Bay to a state where it can truly be called a premier tourist destination, and the best place in Jamaica to live.
We all expect the Council to give to the citizens a clean environment, which all of us can first enjoy and then invite our many visitors to enjoy,” the Mayor added.
Citing the level of disorder and chaos in and around the city and the high crime rate in St. James over the last three years, he said that overcoming the problems will require good governance at the local level, civic order and the sustainable development of the parish in general.
Calling for the support of the citizenry in the process, he said that the effort requires strong partnership and network between the Council and all stakeholder groups within the parish.
“The Council will and intend to lead the way, and we have already began that process,” he stated, making mention of recent efforts by the Council to rid the city of all illegal posters, banners, political graffiti, symbols and flags. He said that every effort will be made to enforce all existing regulations, with a view to encouraging greater civic pride among residents.

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