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Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Collin Gager, today welcomed the Government’s decision to honour world record holder, Usain Bolt, with the Order of Jamaica (O.J.), as well as naming Highway 2000 after the sprinter regarded as the fastest man in the world.
“I want to commend the Government for bestowing these accolades on our parish hero,” Mayor Gager told Mayors and other Local Government officials attending this morning’s (Wednesday) session of the Inter-city Intangible Cultural Cooperation Network (ICCN) International Local Government Workshop at the Jamaica Conference Centre, downtown Kingston.
“As a result of this achievement, I am extremely proud to be identified with the plethora of successes of the parish overtime, but especially in the past five years or so,” he added.
The Mayor noted that Trelawny is known to produce many outstanding athletes and that, in addition to Bolt, there were: Veronica Campbell Brown, Michael Frater, Steve Mullings, Ricardo Chambers, Marvin Anderson and Omar Brown.
He said that the town can also boast about its culture, arts, education, agriculture and music. He listed the annual Trelawny Yam Festival and the Hague agricultural show among its most popular calendar events.
“An unprecedented blend of history, culture and heritage will establish historic Falmouth as one of the most unique port destinations in the Caribbean,” he said.
“At best, I can say, Trelawny is now the investment hub of western Jamaica. We have a rich historical culture and we intend to capitalize on this and to transform it into wealth creation for our citizens. If you don’t believe, then come and see for yourselves. In Trelawny, we put people and investments first,” Mayor Gager concluded.

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