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Mayor of Portmore, Councillor George Lee has renewed his call for the establishment of a tax centre in the municipality.
Addressing a public meeting of the Portmore Municipal council on March 25, Mayor Lee said the building of a tax centre in the area would allow the Council to address a number of issues, including the creation of parks and the strengthening of the Parochial Fund, which provides funding for the repairing of roads.
“Currently, when a citizen of the Municipality goes to Kingston and pay his or her motor vehicle tax, 25 per cent of it goes to the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation. If you add that up, Portmore loses a considerable sum every year, which could be used to service the needs of the people of the municipality,” he said.
Mayor Lee noted that Portmore was the fastest growing and one of the largest communities in the Caribbean. He called on the residents of Portmore to voice their support for the establishment of a tax centre in Portmore.
“It there was a tax centre in Portmore, the level of non-compliance would be significantly less, and there would be higher levels of income for the coffers of the municipality,” he said.

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