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Her Worship The Mayor of Mandeville, Councillor Brenda Ramsay, has asserted that even as Jamaica positions itself for future growth and development, every effort should be made to preserve the various aspects of the country’s heritage, as this will shape the future.
“Our heroes are the pillars of development for the Jamaican society. They have led the way in the struggle for freedom, and have positioned our heritage. In our quest for nation building, it is important that aspects of our culture such as music, folklore, and hospitality be preserved,” she stressed.
The Mayor’s message was read by Deputy Mayor, Ervin Facey, at the Heritage Church Service, held at the Ridgemount United Church in Mandeville, Manchester, on Sunday, October 19.
According to the Mayor, while many will advocate for the removal of old buildings and heritage sites, to have them replaced by more modern structures, which serve to highlight the country’s progress, every effort should be made to preserve the old structures. She emphasised the fact that heritage sites do not serve only a sentimental value, but indeed, dictate the direction in which the country should head.
“I want to see more of the heritage-led regeneration, for we are at a time when the choice is not between the old and the new, but heritage informing the present and the future,” her message continued.
She informed that recent research, published in ‘Heritage Counts’, has shown that children who visit heritage properties, are much more likely than their counterparts, to become lovers of heritage for life, consistently demonstrating patriotism and love for country.
Meanwhile, Pastor Monica Williams, who delivered the sermon, said love for country should not be demonstrated only in good times, such as the recent Olympic Games success, but also when times are bad. She said Jamaicans must always be cognisant of their worth, teaching successive generations that we are a great and noble nation, despite the many challenges.
“If we are serious about stemming the tide of evil passing through our land, we need to realise through the words of our national anthem, that we need to call upon God to restore this blessed land. Our purpose is to help this and future generations realise, that we are, like people elsewhere, people of pedigree and worth,” she declared.