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Newly elected Chairman of the St. Ann Parish Council and Mayor of St. Ann’s Bay, Councillor Ivan Anderson, has pledged to play his part in the development of the parish, particularly as a main tourist destination.
“The Parish Council has to place some emphasis on the tourism industry, as our parish is Jamaica’s tourist capital. We have to focus on beautifying the parish, not just by keeping it clean but also by warding away anti-social behaviours deemed a detriment to its growth and development,” he asserted at a statutory meeting, which was held on Thursday (Dec. 20) at the Council’s Chamber in St. Ann’s Bay.
“I am greatly humbled by the confidence that my colleagues have placed in selecting me to lead the St. Ann Parish Council at the very critical time in our country’s history and for this I want to thank you all and I promise that I will make you proud,” Councillor Anderson said.
The Mayor noted that he was aware that the way forward would be filled with many and varied challenges. “However, I want to assure you that I am going to work hard and in a dignified manner, extending a shared vision with the relevant stakeholders and mutual respect for all,” he stated.
Councillor Anderson further said that he would be working with the staff of the Council to effect positive changes in terms of customer service, and in particular, timely responses to various matters.
He expressed gratitude to the people of the Brown’s Town and Dry Harbour divisions for their continued support, and thanked the staff at the Council, with whom he has worked for nine years, expressing the hope that the positive relationship would continue.

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