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The May Day High School in Manchester on Saturday (June 21) honoured several of its teachers, ancillary staff and key stakeholders for up to 33 years of service to the institution.
The function, dubbed ‘Celebrating Excellence and Expressing Gratitude,’ was held at the Mandeville Hotel. Several persons from the business community, the education sector and political representatives, commended the honorees for their contribution to the 124-year old institution.
Guest speaker at the function and Senior Adviser to the Minister of Education, Alphonso Davis, said the honourees were able to accomplish the tasks that they were given through hard work and personal sacrifice.
“I know that the honourees, in carrying out their various responsibilities, the task was not easy and that it was through hard work and personal sacrifices that you were able to accomplish the task. You must all be commended for your energy, your steadfast attendance to your duties, for your tenacity and courage,” he stated.
He noted that those being honoured were fine examples for young people to emulate. “You have set a fine example for our young, people giving service without thinking of self and therefore, you are sending the right message to those whom you lead. Use your influence to speak up about the ills within our society,” he urged.
Responding on behalf of her fellow honourees, Evelyn Sturridge, who taught at the school for 33 years, said that there were memorable days spent at the institution that would never be forgotten.
“We have grown up with May Day School. We have become a close-knit family and have developed a real bond with the entire staff and students. There are fun memories that we have of May Day that we will never forget,” she stated.

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