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Cabinet has approved the appointment of Maureen Webber as the new chairman of the National Housing Development Corporation (NHDC).
This was announced on (June 25) by the Minister of Information and Development, Donald Buchanan, at the post Cabinet press briefing held at Jamaica House.
Miss Webber operates her own company, Development Options Limited, and is also an adviser to Minister Robert Pickersgill in the Ministry of Housing, Transport, Water and Works. Other members of the new Board who will serve for three years, beginning this month, are Milverton Reynolds, Courtney Currie, Iford Bailey, Learie Myers, Michael Buchanan, Kemel Allen, Owen Blaise, Hopeton McCatty, Roderick Heaven, Manley Nicholson, Bishop W.A. Blair, Genefa Hibbert, and President of the Federation of Provident Societies.
“This new NHDC Board will function over the next three years with responsibility for all aspects of the NHDC operations. In particular, the Board will assume responsibility for ensuring the activation of a number of Operation PRIDE projects, some of which have become somewhat dormant in the last couple of months,” Mr. Buchanan said.
He pointed out that 16 of the dormant projects would be addressed this fiscal year by the NHDC.

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